Develop Device news for 2021

Dear friends!

I am very excited to present you with the news for 2021 that will come very soon!

At the beginning of April, I will start building a brand new studio, and a ton of new gear will be added. Here is a list of new products and content that I will offer you this year.

  • Presets for Quad Cortex
  • Presets for Headrush Pedalboard
  • Presets for HoTone Ampero
  • Presets for Boss GT-1000
  • Presets for Mooer GE 300
  • Presets for all Neural DSP amp sim plugins
  • Additional presets for Axe-Fx III and FM3
  • Additional presets for all Line 6 units
  • Many new Kemper profiles
  • Many new Cabinet IRs

...and more

  • Lots of video content dedicated to e-drumming, drum covers, etc.
  • Mixing and mastering tutorials (free for Lifetime Access customers)
  • Reviews of your mixes (free for Lifetime Access customers)
  • Reviews of plugins and hardware
  • Behringer Wing tutorials

...and more

  • Tube reamping through Peavey Invective .120, EVH 5150 III Stealth 100W, and ENGL Fireball 100 (E635)
  • Analog mixing & mastering through SSL, NEVE, Manley and SPL devices

This is just the beginning! YOUR ideas will also inspire me. I will be happy to offer you another content that will be of interest to you.

Thank you for your support, and stay safe!
- Jaroslav