Steinberg Cubase 10 is out!

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Steinberg Cubase 10 is out!

Steinberg Cubase 10 is a popular DAW program that probably does not need to be presented. Cubase 10 offers a number of improvements to make it easier for you to work on this editing and production program. Choose whether Elements, Artist, or Pro will suit you and get inspired by advanced features.

News in Cubase 10 PRO:

VariAudio 3 (Pro)

VariAudio 3 offers a number of enhancements for faster vocalization work. Smart Controls allow direct control of all parameters in each segment. You can fine-tune your voice, change its color, fine-tune it or use VariAudio 3 for extreme effects.

Channel Strip (Pro / Artist / Elements (AI / LE)

The Channel Strip has also been reworked, offering wider functionality for individual modules. Thanks to the new meters, you have accurate visual information on each module on the module, and the compressor also offers a detailed view with further parameter settings. Every track is fully controlled.

Mix Console Snapshots (Pro)

With Mix Console Snapshots, you quickly save different versions of the mix, which you can quickly compare. You can add notes to each Snapshot, invoke only equalization settings, or even just a specific track setting.

Audio Alignment (Pro)

Audio Alignment offers quick help in straightening several different tracks or melodies. Do you need to double the vocal? This feature saves you time and nerves in demanding editing. Just select the reference track and the Audio Alignment assigns it to the next time with the corrected timing.

Groove Agent SE 5 (Pro / Artist / Elements (AI / LE)

Groove Agent offers new gigabit new sounds and improved workflow. Interface size is fully adjustable, including an acoustic kit called The Kit, 20 new Beat Agent kits for modern electronic production, one-click routing, preset single pads, thumbnail previews in drum sets and more.

Other news items include:
  • Supports 32-bit (integer) and 64-bit (floating point) audio formats (Pro / Artist / Elements (AI / LE)
  • Distroyer processor for adding asymmetric distortion (Pro / Artist)
  • Latency monitoring directly on the MixConsole panel (Pro / Artist / Elements (AI / LE)
  • Simplified Side-Chain effect (Pro / Artist)
  • Reverb Revolution containing 20 new vintage reverb pulse responses (Pro)
  • AAF import and export (Pro)
  • Easier assignment of effects from Media Rac (drag and drop); (Pro / Artist / Elements (AI / LE)
  • Precise cutting on video (Pro)
  • Future support for ARA plug-ins (Pro)
  • HiDPI support (Pro / Artist / Elements (AI / LE)
  • Support for MPE (Pro / Artist)
  • Creating VR Content (Pro)
  • Reworked plug-ins (Pro / Artist / Elements (AI / LE)

With Cubase 10, you'll also get 5 GB of high quality sounds to create fresh tracks. The sounds are divided into the thematic packages Analog Techno, Soul Assembly, Raw Ambience, Mystic Spaces, Blockbuster, and Hip Hop Vault.

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