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      News — Superior Drummer 3 Presets

      Metallica - Battery (Cover) | Mixing & Mastering by Develop Device

      Metallica - Battery (Cover) | Mixing & Mastering by Develop Device


      Drums: Superior Drummer 3 - Preset Here

      All guitars reamped through Fractal AX8

      Thanks Nahuel Lozano for great tracks!


      Original Credits:

      Metallica - Battery | Cover (MULTITRACKS)


      • All guitars by Nahuel Lozano
      • Recording, production, original mixing and mastering is done by Nahuel Lozano @BladecatcherStudio

      Toontrack introduced the new Death & Darkness SDX drum library for Superior Drummer 3

      Already on the day of launch, I bought this new Death & Darkness SDX library so I can start testing immediately. Death & Darkness SDX is breathtaking! It's very fun to do presets for this SDX library. The quality of the samples is amazing. Toontrack, along with Mark Lewis and Tue Madsen did a great job. 

      I had great expectations. I must say that these expectations have been fulfilled. The Metal Foundry SDX has a worthy successor for years, in my opinion.

      Here are some demos and presets I've already done.