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      Superior Drummer 3 Mixing Tutorial | Multi-out in Reaper

      Superior Drummer 3 Mixing Tutorial | Multi-out in Reaper

      I prepared a short tutorial on mixing Superior Drummer 3 in Reaper. This time I chose external mixing with third party plugins.

      Used VSTi:
      Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 (Drums of Destruction EZX, The Progressive Foundry SDX, The Metal Foundry SDX)

      Pre-routed SD3P:

      Used plugins:
      FabFilter Pro-Q3
      Softube Tape
      Slate Digital Everything Bundle
      Drumforge DF-CLIP
      Joel Wanasek Bus Glue Drums
      Waves L1 limiter
      Waves Abbey Road Reverb Plates
      IK Multimedia ONE

      Fractal Audio Announce New FM3 - Amp Modeling And Multi-FX Floor Unit

      Fractal Audio Announce New FM3 - Amp Modeling And Multi-FX Floor Unit

      So far, there is not much information about this new unit, but here are the key points:

      • FM3 is a compact floor unit with three onboard switches.
      • Uncompromising sound quality and road-worthy reliability.
      • Easy-to-use front panel interface, plus free FM3 Edit software.
      • Features ARES Amp Modeling developed for the Axe-Fx III.
      • Hundreds of accurate models with real tube amp sound and feel.
      • 2200+ Ultra-Res™ factory cabs and 2000+ user cab slots.
      • Impressive multi-effects capability based on Axe-Fx III.
      • 3-Core “Griffin” Processor plus dedicated GPU.
      • FASLINK II allows adding up to two FC-12/FC-6 controllers.
      • Ultra-low noise instrument input plus XLR stereo main outputs.
      • Additional Stereo I/O Pair, plus headphone & SPDIF outputs.
      • 4×4 USB Audio, 2 onboard switch/pedal jacks, MIDI In & Out/Thru

      It was also reported that performance would be comparable to AX8 and only one amp block could be used.

      According to the official G66 statement, the price in Europe should be between EUR 1200-1300 including VAT and three years warranty.

      What do you think about it? Is it worth upgrading from AX8? 

      How to convert Tone Match block to Cab block for AX8 without Axe-Fx II

      How to convert Tone Match block to Cab block for AX8 without Axe-Fx II

      Very useful if you want to use Axe-Fx II presets with a Tone Match block on your AX8!

      Here is the procedure shown visually. If the images are too small on your monitor, download them to your computer for full size.

      1. Use any preset with Tone Match block.

      2. Open FracTool and load the preset in "View" mode.

      3. Right-click to select "Export ToneMatch" and Save for AX8. The file is saved as .SYX (Cab file for Cab-Lab 3 you need in a minute).

      4. Now save the AX8 preset itself. Note that the Tone Match block has disappeared. It's alright. Cab block later replaces this place in the grid.

      5. Quit FracTool and open Cab-Lab 3. Connect to your AX8 and load the SYX file that you obtained by converting a Tone Match block. Then the cabinet will be sent to any free user cab slot.

      6. Quit Cab-Lab 3 and open AX8-Edit. It now import the converted preset without a Tone Match block into your AX8 as you are used to. Place the Cab block and the appropriate user cabinet you imported a little while ago.

      7. Save the preset and DONE! Enjoy this tutorial. Perhaps it will help you. :)

      Note - I tried to import the converted SYX file directly into Axe-Manage Cabs without using Cab-Lab 3, but that didn't always work properly. Therefore, I recommend ALWAYS use Cab-Lab 3 to import the converted cabinet. Cab-Lab 3 Lite can also be used and will work fine!

      How to import user cabinets into Fractal AX8

      How to import user cabinets into Fractal AX8

      It looks simple, but I have received many queries. Here's a short tutorial on how to do it. A similar process is also for Axe-Fx II and III.

      1. Open AX8-Edit and choose Tools - Axe-Manage Cabs


      2. Go to the IRs folder and select all

      3. Drag & drop all IRs to the appropriate position in Axe-Manage Cabs & press SAVE. When the import is complete, press CLOSE. If you purchased presets that contain user cabinets, these cabinets must be imported first and in the right position to make everything work smoothly. Otherwise, there will be no sound. I always attach a short txt file to the IRs folder where the exact import position is mentioned.

      IRs Import

       You have successfully imported user cabinets! Enjoy. :)