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      How to convert Tone Match block to Cab block for AX8 without Axe-Fx II

      Very useful if you want to use Axe-Fx II presets with a Tone Match block on your AX8!

      Here is the procedure shown visually. If the images are too small on your monitor, download them to your computer for full size.

      1. Use any preset with Tone Match block.

      2. Open FracTool and load the preset in "View" mode.

      3. Right-click to select "Export ToneMatch" and Save for AX8. The file is saved as .SYX (Cab file for Cab-Lab 3 you need in a minute).

      4. Now save the AX8 preset itself. Note that the Tone Match block has disappeared. It's alright. Cab block later replaces this place in the grid.

      5. Quit FracTool and open Cab-Lab 3. Connect to your AX8 and load the SYX file that you obtained by converting a Tone Match block. Then the cabinet will be sent to any free user cab slot.

      6. Quit Cab-Lab 3 and open AX8-Edit. It now import the converted preset without a Tone Match block into your AX8 as you are used to. Place the Cab block and the appropriate user cabinet you imported a little while ago.

      7. Save the preset and DONE! Enjoy this tutorial. Perhaps it will help you. :)

      Note - I tried to import the converted SYX file directly into Axe-Manage Cabs without using Cab-Lab 3, but that didn't always work properly. Therefore, I recommend ALWAYS use Cab-Lab 3 to import the converted cabinet. Cab-Lab 3 Lite can also be used and will work fine!

      Metallica - Battery (Cover) | Mixing & Mastering by Develop Device

      Metallica - Battery (Cover) | Mixing & Mastering by Develop Device


      Drums: Superior Drummer 3 - Preset Here

      All guitars reamped through Fractal AX8

      Thanks Nahuel Lozano for great tracks!


      Original Credits:

      Metallica - Battery | Cover (MULTITRACKS)


      • All guitars by Nahuel Lozano
      • Recording, production, original mixing and mastering is done by Nahuel Lozano @BladecatcherStudio

      Toontrack introduced the new Death & Darkness SDX drum library for Superior Drummer 3

      Already on the day of launch, I bought this new Death & Darkness SDX library so I can start testing immediately. Death & Darkness SDX is breathtaking! It's very fun to do presets for this SDX library. The quality of the samples is amazing. Toontrack, along with Mark Lewis and Tue Madsen did a great job. 

      I had great expectations. I must say that these expectations have been fulfilled. The Metal Foundry SDX has a worthy successor for years, in my opinion.

      Here are some demos and presets I've already done.