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      Premium Custom Products

      Be original and get a unique sound. Professional sounding mix and mastering right now!

      It can be hard to achieve a punchy sound that sounds killer. But you're lucky! Here's your chance to get it now. Without spending months and years watching mixing courses and trial/error. You don't even have to buy a premixed template that sounds 100x the same. I will make for you an exclusive preset / template that will be uniquely yours and will sound fresh. Just describe your dream sound and I'll do it.

      Here are custom products you can get:

      🎛️ DAW Custom Template - Complete production templates for Cubase, Studio One, Pro Tools and Reaper. The template can also be made for other DAWs by individual agreement.

      🥁 DRUMSCRAFT | Custom preset for Superior Drummer 3 - You can get custom preset for Superior Drummer 3. I use almost all SDX / EZX libraries. The possibilities are limitless.

      🎸 TONECRAFT | Custom Guitar & Bass Tone - Comprehensive guitar patches. Available for Fractal units and Helix units. I can replicate virtually any sound you want. 

      🎸 TONECRAFT | Custom IR Why buy 1000 IR packs that you don't use? I'll make a specific sound for you, a specific impulse response that you really need. Available in WAV, .ir and .syx formats.

      How does it work:

      1. Describe the sound you are looking for and make an order
      2. We will discuss all details in email communication.
      3. When the template/preset is ready, you will receive a message and we will talk about the final sound if there were any adjustments.