Progressive Metal Pack | FAS Axe-Fx III | TONECRAFT

Progressive Metal Pack | FAS Axe-Fx III

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Collection of 6 album-ready presets for FAS Axe-Fx III

Sound samples:


Hardware Requirements:

Ares v5.08

Presets list:

  • ProgMetal - Bass
  • ProgMetal - Clean
  • ProgMetal - CleanTap
  • ProgMetal - Rhy 5153
  • ProgMetal - Lead I
  • ProgMetal - Lead II

Mixing & Mastering by Develop Device

All music and lyrics copyright Walk As Chaos
Music written and performed by Alan Sacha Laskow
Lyrics and vocals by Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster

Original song:
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Alan Sacha Laskow
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studio
NATAS Reamps provided by Greg Tomao - Tomato Farm Studio