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        Achieving your dream sound can sometimes be tricky and take a lot of time. Now you have the chance to skip it and leave it to me thanks to this premium and innovative service I offer.

        I can set you up with a production template for any major DAW, a guitar preset/profile or cabinet IR for any hardware unit like Axe-Fx III, Helix, etc.,
        or VST amp sim plugin, a drum preset for Superior Drummer 3, or other drum VST plugin, and much more. 

        I have been running a professional, fully equipped post-production studio called Develop Device for over a decade. I have had the privilege of working with many wonderful people and some world-renowned musicians that I respect immensely. 

        Thanks to my many years of experience in the field, I can offer you a result without compromise. 
        Just describe what kind of sound you're looking for, and I'll make it happen.

        DAW Custom Template

        • Everything is clearly described, color-coded, routed, and mixed. Ready to instantly write music.
        • You also have the option to choose a template variant if you do not need a full production template. E.g. only guitar template, etc.
        • I using only regularly updated software and plugins to achieve maximum stability.

        How does it work:

        1. Describe the sound you are looking for and make an order
        2. We will discuss all the details in email communication. I create a private folder on Google Drive where you upload your DI / MIDI tracks. These will be used to create the template.
        3. When the template is ready, you will receive a message and we will talk about the final sound if there were any adjustments.

        I can do this for DAW:

        • Cubase
        • Reaper
        • Studio One
        • FL Studio*
        • Ableton Live
        • Pro Tools
        • Logic Pro
        • NI Maschine 2 (with Maschine MK3 & Jam)*

        VST Instruments that I can use:

        • Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 (almost all SDXs and EZXs)
        • Toontrack EZbass (all EBXs)
        • Toontrack EZdrummer 2
        • Perfect Drums
        • Addictive Drums 2
        • SSD 5.5 Platinum with all extensions
        • Drumforge
        • Solemn Tones (all VSTs)
        • Ample Sound (all rock/metal VSTs)
        • Arturia Pigments 2
        • MusicLab RealEight 5
        • NI Kontakt libraries (All GGD libraries, Shreddage 3 Hydra, Shreddage 3 Jupiter, Impact Studios Avalanche & Inferno Bass, Submission Audio Eurobass II & DjinnBass, various symphonic libraries, cinematics FX libraries, etc...)

        ...and many others

        VST plugins that I can use:

        • IK Multimedia T-RackS 5 MAX & AmpliTube 4/5 MAX
        • Izotope Ozone 9 Adv.
        • Izotope Neutron 3 Adv.
        • Antares Auto-Tune Pro
        • OEK Sound Soothe 2 & Spiff
        • Melda Production - All plugins
        • Mercuriall Audio
        • STL Tones
        • Neural DSP - All plugins
        • Line 6
        • FabFilter
        • Slate Digital - All plugins
        • Softube
        • Plugin Alliance
        • Soundtoys
        • Positive Grid - All plugins
        • JST

        ...and many others

        Important notes:
        It's amazing to sound like your favorite band with great sound, but you need to provide the appropriate raw tracks. Therefore, the quality of the resulting template always depends on the quality of the recorded tracks you provide me. Please think about it and approach it realistically.

        *The template for FL Studio & NI Maschine 2 can only be ordered in the "Full Production Template" variant using VSTi. Contact me for any questions and pricing.

        DRUMSCRAFT | Custom preset for Superior Drummer 3

        I have unlimited possibilities to create your drum sound. I will use almost all rock and metal Toontack SDX / EZX libraries available at this time. Just say what you're looking for and I'll do it.

        I use the latest industry-standard in MIDI drums programming - the new Superior Drummer 3 from Toontrack.

        You will get one SD3P file (preset). 100% mixing is done inside the Superior Drummer 3, so no more plugins are needed. You do not even need DAW. All of my presets also work in the standalone version of Superior Drummer 3. Just load the preset and enjoy professionally sounding drums. Presets also work great with your e-drums.

        Libraries can also be combined in any way and create a unique, original sounding preset. Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 is a very robust software. The possibilities are endless.

        I can use these libraries:

        Legacy of Rock SDX
        NEW! Death & Darkness SDX
        NEW! The Decades SDX
        NEW! The Rooms of Hansa SDX
        Superior Drummer 3 CORE (Full Installation)
        The New York Studios Vol.1 SDX (Factory library from SD2)
        The New York Studios Vol.2 SDX
        The New York Studios Vol.3 SDX
        The Metal Foundry SDX
        Music City USA SDX
        The Rock Foundry SDX
        The Progressive Foundry SDX
        Metal Machinery SDX
        The Rock Warehouse SDX

         Gospel EZX
        Death Metal EZX

        Dark Matter EZX
        Modern Metal EZX
        Kicks & Snares EZX
        Pop Punk EZX
        Drums of Destruction EZX
        Metal Machine EZX
        Alt-Rock EZX
        Metalheads EZX
        Progressive EZX
        Made of Metal EZX
        Metalheads EZX
        Metal! EZX
        Metal Machine EZX
        Pop! EZX
        EZDrummer 2 Library
        Americana EZX
        Drumkit from Hell EZX
        Indie Folk EZX
        Jazz EZX
        Nashville EZX
        Rock Solid EZX
        Rock! EZX
        The Classic EZX
        Vintage Rock EZX

        TONECRAFT | Custom Guitar & Bass Tone

        Struggling to achieve your favourite guitarist's dream sound? Relax and leave it to me.

        How does it work:

        1. Describe the sound you are looking for and place an order
        2. We will discuss all the details in email communication. I create a private folder on Google Drive where you upload your DI tracks. These will be used to create the preset. 
        3. When the preset is ready, you will receive a message and we will talk about the final sound if there were any adjustments.

        Get custom presets for:

        • Fractal Audio AX8 / Axe-Fx II / Axe-Fx II XL / Axe-Fx XL+ / Axe-Fx III / FM3
        • Line 6 Helix Floor / Rack / LT
        • Line 6 HX Stomp
        • Line 6 POD Go
        • Neural DSP Quad Cortex (soon)
        • Kemper Head / Rack / Stage
        • HoTone Ampero
        • VST Amp Sims (Neural DSP, Positive Grid, Helix Native, JST, Amplitube, etc...)

        TONECRAFT | Custom IR

        Why buy a "1000 IR pack" that you don't need? I will create for you the cabinet IR you are really looking for.

        🎸 Professionally created custom IR

        • Compatible with any IR loader, modeler (Axe-Fx, Helix, Kemper, Headrush, Mooer...) or VST plugin that allows you to load third-party IR
        • An exact match of the tone you love or your signature sound
        • Available in .WAV, .IR and .SYX format

          🎸 Are you going the analog way, do you have a cabinet and a microphone and would like to get the IR of your real guitar rig?

          No problem. Send me a 30 second mono guitar track where I can record your desired tone. You'll receive a digital copy from me in the form of a cabinet IR.

          Contact me for any questions and pricing.