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🎛 If you are looking for a specific sound, I will prepare a custom template to your requirements. 🎛

How does it work:

  1. Describe the sound you are looking for and make an order
  2. We will discuss all details in email communication. I create a private folder on Google Drive where you upload your DI / MIDI tracks. These will be used to create the template.
  3. When the template is ready, you will receive a message and we will talk about the final sound if there were any adjustments.

Everything is clearly described, color-coded, routed and mixed. Ready for instantly produce your music.
I use only regularly updated 64-bit software to achieve maximum functionality and stability according to current standards.

Sound samples:
Examples of my work
My YouTube channel


I can do this for DAW:
Studio One
Pro Tools
Logic Pro X

VST Instruments that I can use:
Superior Drummer 3 (almost all SDXs and EZXs)
Perfect Drums
SSD4 Platinum with all extensions
Solemn Tones
Kontakt 5 (GGD v2, Impact Studios Avalanche & Inferno Bass, various symphonic libraries, cinematics FX libraries, etc.)
U-He synths
...and many others

VST plugins that I can use:
OEK Sound
Mercuriall Audio
Neural DSP
Line 6
Slate Digital
Plugin Alliance
Positive Grid
...and many others

Important note:
It's amazing to sound like your favorite band with great sound, but you need to provide the appropriate raw tracks. Therefore, the quality of the resulting template always depends on the quality of the recorded tracks you provide me. Please think about it and approach it realistically.

You also have the option to choose a template type if you do not need a full production template. E.g. only guitar template, etc.

Contact me for more information.