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      News — Guitar

      Develop Device | New Djenty Progressive Metal Song 2018

      This year I neglect my own musical work. I do not have as much time as before. Occasionally, however, when I reserve a few hours, I will take the guitar and try to record something... :) This is the result. Enjoy!

      Recorded | Mixed | Mastered by Jaroslav Holub / Develop Device

      Recording chain: Jackson JS32-8Q - Eleven Rack (DI) - Cubase Pro 9.5
      All other instruments are MIDI (VSTi)

      All guitar reamped through Mercuriall Audio ReAxis https://mercuriall.com/cms/details_reaxis

      Mixing & mastering services

      What do you think is better?

      What do you think is better? Cheap guitar and expensive preamp? Or more expensive guitar and plugin solution? Above all, from the sound quality point of view. Think about it and let me know in the comments :)