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      How to use a premixed template?
      The premixed template is ready for immediate use. You are prepared to write / record music immediately. Everything is clearly described, color-coded, routed, and mixed. If you already have your audio or MIDI tracks recorded, simply drag & drop them into the project.

      Is it a good idea to buy a DAW premixed template if I'm a beginner?
      These templates are for individuals who already have some experience with mixing and know the basic principles. That's why I do not recommend buying templates for people who are absolute beginners. My templates are designed to IMPROVE the results to the next level. It does not serve as a beginner's tutorial.

      What plugins do I need?
      Every item is clearly described, or a screenshot with a list of the necessary plugins is included. Please read the descriptions very carefully! If you buy a product for which you do not have the required plugins, I can not give you any financial compensation or "exchange" for another. If possible, I use VST3 versions of 64-bit plugins. Always make sure you are using the current versions for all software.

      What SDX / EZX do I need for Superior Drummer 3 presets?
      Again, this information is always included in the product description. You ever need a full installation of the CORE library. Regardless of whether additional SDX / EZXs are required. I take it for granted that you have a CORE library installed because it is an integral part of Superior Drummer 3 itself. That's why I do not always mention the need for the CORE library.

      Will Superior Drummer 3 presets work in Superior Drummer 2?

      What are the hardware requirements?
      Intel Core i5 or i7 is recommended or AMD equivalent. Consider the 8GB RAM as the absolute minimum. I would instead recommend 16GB RAM to make it work really smoothly. Some SD3 presets are really "large" for maximum sound quality and require a lot of RAM. I'm also using Solid-state drives to boost performance, but that's at your discretion.

      When do I receive my order?
      Immediately after payment, you will receive a download link to your email. In the case of custom templates, delivery can take over a month or even more, due to my workload. More detailed information is provided in the description of individual products.

      What is Develop Device?
      Develop Device is my post-production studio. I offer professional mixing, mastering, and reamping services.

      What is TONECRAFT?
      TONECRAFT is a subcategory of guitar and bass tone products.

      What is DRUMSCRAFT?
      DRUMSCRAFT is a subcategory of products focused on drum presets. Predominantly for Superior Drummer 3.

      I need classic mixing and mastering services. What are the prices?
      Learn more and Book now

      How do I pay for an order?
      You can pay directly with your credit card, through your PayPal account or via Apple Pay.

      Can I get a loyalty discount code?
      If you have already spent more than €100 in my production store, contact me and talk about the details.

      Can I return the product?
      No, this is not possible. Develop Device products are non-tangible digital goods that can not be returned. Therefore, Develop Device do not offer any refunds after the purchase is completed.

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