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        I offer comprehensive services in the field of music post-production.

        In my Develop Device studio, I specialize in rock, metal, and sub-genres. I'm not afraid to experiment, and my main focus is that the result will sound modern and competitive, exactly what is needed nowadays. Here's a list of equipment that makes my daily life easier.

        How it works:

        Step 1 | We share raw tracks
        We will share the files and discuss your project - What sound do you like and what are your goals.

        Step 2 | Mixing & mastering process
        I will lock the doors to my studio and work on developing your ideas.

        Step 3 | The work is done
        You will receive a link to your song and you will feel great.

        I accept any main DAW projects or consolidated files with zero starts. Send them in whatever source format you’ve been using, do not convert the sample rate or bit depth. Make sure you record in 24 bit or higher. And always include a monitor/rough mix! It doesn’t matter how bad it sounds. It’s for me only to know that the files are in sync and that nothing’s missing.

        Have you recorded your guitars and bass tracks with Di signals? We’re happy to re-amp them if needed.

        Please contact me for further information and booking.