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      DRUMSCRAFT | Superior Drummer 3 Presets

      Best Superior Drummer 3 Presets on the market! No additional processing! Simply a few clicks to get a huge, professional drums sound!

      • Superior Drummer 3 SD3P Project Format
      • Very easy to use
      • No complicated setup or routing
      • Doesn't matter which DAW you use
      • Presets are mixed 100% inside Superior Drummer 3
      • Works in the standalone Superior Drummer 3 app too (no DAW needed)
      • Works great with your e-drums

      Pre-Purchase Recommendations: Make sure you have a full CORE library installed - almost always part of my presets. Also, I highly recommend that you install the latest updates for SD3 and all libraries. Read the product description carefully! Many of my presets require several EZX / SDX in combination. For everything to work smoothly, 8GB RAM is an absolute minimum. I recommend 16GB RAM and more.

      How to use instruction