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        Blog — Superior Drummer 3

        Solemn Tones LOKI BASS II | Multiout Mixing Sound Test

        Easier installation and use of presets for Superior Drummer 3

        Dear customers, 

        You have written many questions about installing presets in the Superior Drummer 3 that you bought from me. Since priority number one is to make everything simple and easy to use, I've converted all presets (as files) to SD3P projects.

        What does it mean? 

        You do not have to copy anything, find the right folder on the disk, or open the appropriate SDX/EZX. Now open the SD3P project, and everything is ready for immediate use. 

        It does not matter whether you are using macOS or Windows. The procedure is the same (and equally simple) for both platforms.

        Save user preset (optional):

        If you want to see your presets in the 'User Presets' menu, follow these steps (see screenshot).

        1. Open your SD3P project, as described above.

        2. Open the 'Drums and Mixer Presets' menu at the top right and select 'Save As ...'.

        3. Name the preset and click 'Save'.

        4. Open the 'Drums and Mixer Presets' menu again and click 'Rescan User Presets'.

        5. Open the 'User Presets' menu where you can see your presets!

        I'm still improving the experience of using my products. I hope you enjoyed this update.

        Have a beautiful day, and happy mixing! :)