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Dear customers, friends, musicians,you have written many questions about installing presets in the Superior Drummer 3 that you bought from me. Since priority number one is to make everything simple and easy to use, I've converted all presets (as files) to SD3P projects. What does it mean? You do not have to copy anything, find the right folder on the disk or open the appropriate SDX/EZX. Now just open the SD3P project and everything is ready for immediate use.  It does not matter whether you are using MacOS or Windows. The procedure is the same (and equally simple) for both...

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(MIXING & MASTERING) DED - Recorded At 456 Recordings - Mixed and Mastered By Develop Device All guitar are reamped from DI tracks (Bias Amp 2), drums are 100% MIDI (SD3, overheads programmed by me), bass is also MIDI (only an additional sub track is used)

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MESHUGGAH - Bleed ► All VSTi / MIDI Cover in Cubase Pro 9.5    Used instruments: Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 (The Metal Foundry SDX) MusicLab RealEight Solemn Tones ODIN Deluxe Impact Studios The Inferno Bass DI Edition Sugar Bytes Aparillo   Mixing & mastering by Develop Device

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